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  • I have been asked to join two teams. Can I enter for two different teams and after I have done one session for the first team go and do a session for the second team and rotate between teams during the day.
    No. You may only enter and compete with one team.
  • Do I need previous experience?
    It is preferred but not mandatory that competitors have some previous sprint experience.
  • Can I Use my road car?
    You can use your road car if it complies with General Requirements of Automobiles Schedule A & B (in the Motorsport Australia manual)
  • Do I need a roll cage?
    Some cars do. See section 4.1.5 of the supplementary regulations: Vehicles that fit the following criteria must have roll over protection as per Schedule J, minimum being Type 1 or 2: a. Any vehicle that has a removable roof/turret b. Any vehicle which is fitted with a non-metal roof/turret.
  • Are extra garages available?
    Each team will be allocated one garage for the weekend and any unallocated garages will be locked and cannot be used.
  • Can Junior drivers compete?
    Yes junior drivers can complete if they meet the requirements of section 3.3 of the Supplementary Regulations: Prerequisite for Junior Speed Licence holders. As a prerequisite, all Speed Junior licence holders MUST have competed at the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit in some form of competition, within the past 12 months or they will be required to participate in an observed practice session during practice for this event. Proof of prior participation in an event at Phillip Island must be presented at documentation. (A set of results, or notations in activity section of licence, which must have been signed off by a senior official of that meeting, will be accepted)
  • Can I use radio contact between car and pit crew?
    No the only communication from a team to its driver is via a hand held lap board displayed from the pit lane wall. The only Radios of any type permitted at the circuit for this event will be used by our officials.
  • Do I need a race suit?
    No you do not need a race suit for this event. As detailed in Schedule D of the MOTORSPORT AUSTRALIA manual. For speed Events all drivers must be covered from neck to wrist to ankles. Clothing of flammable synthetic material, such as nylon is not acceptable. Not withstanding, it is strongly encouraged that “Driving Suits” be worn.
  • What tyres can I use?
    The tyres on your vehicle do not need to be special tyres but must be in a roadworthy condition. Remember this is an endurance event and weather conditions can change. If the circuit is wet, only vehicles with treaded tyres will be permitted on the circuit .
  • Can I share a car with a second driver?
    Yes two drivers can share the same vehicle. If sharing a vehicle, when you are driving, the Vehicle must display the number allocated to you and it must carry the Dorian timer allocated to you. Vehicles must only display one number and carry one Dorian at any time on the circuit.
  • I do not have a Dorian Timer. Will I still be able to enter the event?
    Yes you can certainly enter the event if you do not own a Dorian. If you know somebody who has a Dorian you may be able to borrow this for the weekend. If this is not the case the organisers will have Dorian timers available for hire for the weekend. You will need to pre book these with the Event Secretary.
  • What licence do I require to take part in this event?
    As the Victorian 6 Hour Regularity Relay is not a race but a regularity competition you only require a Speed Licence to be able to compete
  • The rules ask for a four point racing harness. My vehicle only has a three point harness. Do I have to buy a new harness?
    No! as long as your vehicle is fitted with a racing harness as opposed to a lap sash belt it will be acceptable.
  • Will I be able to purchase a license on the day the same as can be done at normal sprint meetings?
    No! you must purchase your license prior to the event.
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