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2024 Event Information

Details of the 2024 Victorian 6 Hour Relay will be posted here as soon as details are finalised.


Pre-event validation

Details will be posted here when finalised.


Friday Night Park Up

Details will be posted here when finalised.

Supplementary Regulations

The 2024 Supplementary Regulations will be posted here when approved.

Further Supplementary Regulations

2024 Further Supplementary regulations will be posted here when approved. 

Approved Number details

The correct numbers and backgrounds are available from:

Scarcella Designz on 0414 256 714 or simone@scarcella
Scott Markby, Race Rally and General design on 0407 630 033 or

We also recommend Bennett Signs, Mr John Makeham on 03 9706 799 or


Race Fuels

We recommend the use of the preferred Victorian 6 Hour Relay Fuel Supplier, Race Fuels. To set up your account with Race Fuels, please complete the application form supplied HERE and return to Race Fuels. You will only be charged for the fuel you purchase at the event.

Please also find HERE information about Race Fuels and their services.

There are many advantages to be had by purchasing your fuel for the event from Race Fuels. The Fuel supplied is the freshest you can get as it comes straight from the depot. You alleviate the problem of carrying drums of fuel to the event and carrying empty drums back home after the event, storing fuel at the fuel bund and having to transport full drums to the designated re-fuel area and empty drums back to the storage area. Race Fuels will supply directly to your competition vehicle. Remember that no fuel or empty drums can be stored in your garage.

Buying your fuels from Race Fuels is a safer cleaner alternative to bringing your own fuel.


Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit Standing Regulations

Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit Standing Regulations HERE


Scoring System

For details of the scoring system please CLICK HERE


How do I get involved?

It's not just an event for the drivers! A lot of work goes into an event like this on both the organising and competing side of the fence. Officials are needed to help run the event and most teams will gratefully accept extra pit crew to help keep the cars on the track! If you would like to help out as an official in any way, please contact us at or click on the this link to register.
Get behind the event, have some fun, and get a taste of competition. This is a Motor Sport Club development event

We recommend you keep checking this web site regularly for updates.

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